Monday, September 7, 2009

Keeping your creative spirit alive

Creativity coach Gail McMeekin has designed an e-book of SPECTACULARLY BEAUTIFUL photography/quote cards to inspire your creative courage over a one-month period.

Gail says about the evolution of the cards:
“I see too many people who abandon wonderful creative projects or initiatives due to fear. Fear keeps you from exploring your goals in depth and implementing successful actions steps to achieve them. Courage, on the other hand, gives you the strength to enjoy the experimentation process of creative exploration and accept the curves in the road as normal, and as a challenge you can overcome. These Creativity Courage Cards are meant to guide you along in your creative quest. When you begin to feel clutched by self-doubt, take some time to read my quotes for a month and enjoy the beautiful photographs by my husband [Russ Street]. You will get your energy back and be able to continue.”

You can buy the e-book of cards for $24.95 on Gail’s website at

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