Monday, August 3, 2009

Meeting Mary Engelbreit!

I just got back from the Craft and Hobby show—where I met my idol, Mary Engelbreit ( I KNOW you’ve seen her stuff. She draws cute, whimsical pictures depicting life as we wish it could be, or remember it TO BE from our childhoods. People Magazine calls her the Norman Rockwell for our times.

ME is my favorite contemporary artist and an icon in the crafting world. Ironically, she said that she doesn’t consider herself a crafter, but rather an illustrator. But she is a master marketer and has licensed her drawings on all sorts of things—calendars, cards, mugs, boxes, keychains, and even fabric, while retaining quality control. Because of that, she's known far and wide in the crafting world. But she herself says that she is often intimidated by the process of crafting--though it doesn't stop her from buying the supplies!

I like the fact that she is as dedicated to the craft of art as she is to the art of business. She noted that she's always liked to sell things as much as she liked to make them! (The ideal world to me is one where you get to make a living from creating things you've really put your heart into.)
She ended her presentation by noting that creativity is one of the most basic traits we possess as humans. It is problem-solving at its best. "Don't let anyone tell you that art is frivolous," she said. "Make creativity the center of your life, and you'll see how much more fun everything becomes."

Because ME has brought so much joy and inspiration to my life, I wanted to tell her that and give her a little something back—my Craft to Heal book (that's me 'splaining myself to her above!). It was a thrill to share a moment with her, after spending so many years enjoying her stuff, and she personalized a lovely recent illustration of herself bent over the drawing board, titled “Arts and Crafts Keep Us Sane,” for me. How perfect!

PS: My Craft to Heal speech went well, too. Woo hoo!

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