Sunday, November 15, 2009

Troop Time

It’s early to be thinking about the holidays, but not if you want to send gifts to the troops. (I'm anti-war, but I’m not anti-troops. How can we not admire their courage and commitment?)

Given that many people have limited budgets this year and may not be able to send the usual toiletries, snacks and care packages, I found a group that is accepting crafty things: fabric pillows, neck coolers, knitted and crocheted hats. You can either donate the materials and they’ll have volunteers do the rest, or you can make the items yourself following the directions on their website.

I’m busy making 12” pillow casings from my fabric stash for soldiers to carry in their packs! It's just a little thing, but then again: it's the little things that often count for the most.

Here’s their contact information…

Address to send packages: US Troop Care Package, 4302 N. Swallow Street, Pasco, WA 99301
Address to send letters: US Troop Care Package, PO Box 3445, Pasco, WA 99302


Anonymous said...

I love that you're thinking of our troops at this difficult time of year to be away from family. Peace - Jen

Anonymous said...

Very nice idea. I'm sure they will be well received.

Alexandra Grabbe said...

Thanks for providing this information.

Stephanie - said...

What a great idea! I have a friend who takes old quilts and turns them into pillows. I think I'll pass this info on to her.