Sunday, July 19, 2009

Enough Tools in Your Toolbox

Nina-Marie wrote in response to my recent "not all techniques are for everyone" post--and I suck at painting!--that "at some point you must have enough tools in your toolbox." She says she doesn't take technique classes anymore, but rather signs up for guided studio classes. She prefers that to "spending a week trudging through another artist's technique."

I think many of us like to stay up to date with the newest trends, styles, gadgets, whatever, but Nina-Marie's point is really well taken--at some point we have enough skill and knowledge to just figure out how we want to do things ourselves.

I've been compiling a cornocopia of techniques and strategies over the past few years--learning far more techniques than I use in my quilts and mixed media pieces. Some I embrace, some I discard. Now it's time for me to start applying the ones I like (and can master) in earnest.

Thanks Nina-Marie. Your comment was a real shot in the arm for me!

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