Saturday, May 16, 2009

Creativity and the perimenopausal brain

I don’t know how Hillary Clinton does it—how she keeps her energy up to travel the world and her intellect sharp enough to shape international policy.

Half the time I can’t even remember what I’m supposed to be doing.

My brain is awash (or not, as the case may be) in perimenopausal hormones. I hear new moms have a similar dilemma—their brains turn to mush!

I have trouble concentrating. I get irritable and jittery out of the blue. I feel sad. It’s a hormone party for one.

The only positive is that I’m told by experts that midlife is a creative high point for many people, so I’m hoping the brain fog leads to a clearer picture as I move through menopause. One can only hope!

Any of you out there experiencing this?


Anonymous said...

In my honest opinion, and based on my years of experience...........ummmmmm..... what was I saying????

violette said...

Wow....well i am menopausal - almost 55 years old...i forget things all the time, i loose focus, have fuzzy brain. I don't really know the answers....sometimes i become sad (like you) and fall into despair and what if i have a radio interview and i forget the word for what i'm trying to convey? I'll look like an idiot. I keep hoping and praying that i'll grow out of this phase!
By the way i wanted to let you know how much in enjoyed your piece in Craft for health!


cheryl said...

Oh Nancy, I have had these same thoughts come across my mind. Seeing others with the mental and physical stamina a-mazes me..and I wonder, "what happened me?" - Then I am reminded that we are all uniquely wired...and that's something to be celebrated. Plus, as I was in the peak of fuzzy-brain about 10 years ago, I didn't realize it was hormonal. It wasn't until I came out of if that I realized..."Oh, I wasn't crazy...I was menopausal and didn't know it." I do believe the worst is behind me..and in bite-size pieces I embrace my uniqueness..quirks and all.
I love your site...and will return.
Keep shining,

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