Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who's Got the Face?

Doug Snelson, the author of the poem I posted last time “I agained a friend,” has also written a wonderful children’s book about a dog called Face. You know, as in “Who’s got the face? Who likes to chase?”

A dog story—who can resist? (Okay, maybe me less than certain other people [ahem, my sister Linda]?)

Anyway “Who’s Got the Face?” is adorable. The copy really captures the joy of having a dog to come home to and the drawings are fabulous.

The book is a real testament to passing creativity down through the family: Doug wrote it, his daughter illustrated it (wow!), his son designed it, his daughter-in-law helped to edit it, and his wife helped to publish and market it. Doug’s been going to schools and other sites to read the book to kids and gets a great response every time (I can just imagine him doing it, in his inimitable enthusiastic way). And he even lists all the dogs (and they’ve had many) who have had “the face” (and yes, they’ve got a Zoey among them!).

You can get a copy at or the usual outlets like and

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