Friday, January 9, 2009

January blues

I’ve got the January blahs and blues. Besides the cold weather, a cold in my nose, and the dark afternoons, I find it hard to face the same-old, same-old life every year, despite my best efforts to mix things up a bit. This year I went on a cruise to the Caribbean over the holidays, but I wonder now if that sank my spirits even more than usual!

I find that the only thing that really excites me is making something--or at least the prospect of it, since it’s tough for me to pull myself out of my doldrums to actually DO a project. Sometimes all I can muster the energy to do is a simple task: For instance, yesterday, I sewed a frog closure on a new denim jacket I'd bought and that gave me the biggest kick of the day. I also just like playing around with my fabrics and embellishments, looking over what I've got, leafing through photos and patterns for inspiration.

How do you handle the winter blues?

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